Children’s House (Ages 3-6)

Children’s HouseBFMA (per week)Public (per week)
Full-Day, Monday-Friday$415$435
Half-Day, Monday-Friday$305$315

Please note, while Bay Farm Montessori Academy is an EEC-licensed provider, the Children’s House Summer program is operated under a Recreational Camp permit from the Town of Duxbury and operates in accordance with the rules of 105 CMR 430.000.

Session 1: Make & Create

June 13-17 | June 20 – 24

Making, crafting, creating, and tinkering are fundamental human means of self-expression and within this session, attendees will have the opportunity to explore each, whether it’s exploring fundamental physics through fun experiments and activities or engaging with a variety of artistic media to create works that reflect the inner worlds we strive to cultivate in our educational practices. 

Session 2: Music, Drama & Movement

June 27-July 1 | July 5-July 8

Bay Farm Summer will be closed on Monday, July 5, in observance of Independence Day. Explore the beauty of human voice and movement in this session designed to immerse attendees in drama, music, and movement. Centering, balance and posture, breathing, emotional development and expression, singing, and dance are all explored in breakout sessions. 

Session 3: Sports & Fitness

July 11-15 | July 18-22

Whether it’s dribbling or Downward-facing Dog, our Sports & Fitness Session is sure to appeal to attendees of all ages and abilities. There are countless opportunities for exploring a variety of sports and fitness activities, including Gym-class favorites like Red Rover, basketball, soccer, yoga, Tai Chi, and general calisthenics.

Session 4: H20

July 25-29 | August 2-5

Water touches our lives in countless ways and in unexpected places. Explore the many different ways that water impacts our lives, whether it’s as a home to our animal friends or as a vitally sustaining force for our communities. 

Session 5: On the Farm

August 8-12

What is our role as stewards of the Earth? How do we connect to the web of life around us and how do we influence it? Through an intensive exploration of gardening, animal care, nature hikes, exploring the natural world, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the work necessary to cultivate a more sustainable existence for themselves and our furry friends. 

Daily Structure

Arrivals are at 8:30am

Children enjoy morning play on the playground with friends.

Snack-time gives children fuel to continue the day.

Breakout time where children engage in theme-driven activities and a splash in our newly installed, heated pool.

Half-Day attendees head home.

Full-Day attendees come together for group lunch.

Children continue the weekly theme activity and return to the pool.

Full-Day attendees are picked up at 3:00pm