Bay Farm Summer Themes

You may recognize this year’s Bay Farm Summer themes, but the content and programming is going to blow your socks off this year!

That’s because this year, we’re inviting subject-matter experts to every single week to provide dedicated, engaging programs and activities to our campers.

While our themed weeks are oriented around specific themes and activities, they aren’t specialty camps. Instead, days are built around a core schedule with daily routines with large blocks of schedule dedicated to guest experts who will engage campers in a wide range of theme-specific activities.

Themes outlined below are for our Children’s House and Elementary campers. For information about Toddler House themes, check out the Toddler House homepage.

Check out the slate for this year:

Make & Create

Guest experts Jenny dos Santos and Cameron Golden will provide STEM and Arts/Crafts activities to invite Children’s House and Elementary students to explore fun, age-appropriate activities. From Coke/Mentos experiments to pebble painting, this session is sure to please.

Jenny dos Santos is a trained Art Specialist and currently works as a Lead Teacher in our Children’s House. Cameron Golden is a Plymouth County 4-H trainer and activity leader with a gift for exciting young minds.

Drama, Music & Movement

Guest expert Rikki Churchill will join us to provide tumbling and gymnastics breakouts in our Great Room to teach your children some of the best ways to move their bodies toward self-expression. As well as being an Assistant Teacher in our Toddler House, Rikki has several years experience providing gymnastics and tumbling to children of all ages.

We are currently in discussion with a second specialist to offer several Performing Arts activities and will update as soon as details are finalized.

Sports & Fitness

Bay Farm Physical Education Specialist Nick Sisoian will engage students in a variety of indoor and outdoor team sports activities including volleyball, badminton, tee-ball / baseball, and more.

We are currently in discussion with a second specialist to offer Sport/Fitness activities and will update as soon as details are finalized.


Guest experts from Duxbury Bay Maritime School will engage students in Children’s House and Elementary in age-appropriate aquatic adventures and activities, exploring the importance of our watershed, our natural ocean habitats, the life that inhabits them, and much more.

Our partnership with Duxbury Bay Maritime School has resulted in numerous wonderful after-school activities over the past three years and we’re eager to have their specialist instructors join us for Bay Farm Summer.

On the Farm

Bay Farm Agriculture Specialist Evelyn Golden will spend the week inviting campers to explore our connections to the natural world around us, through engaging one-of-a-kind activities and on-campus excursions to explore local plant and wildlife.

We are so excited to get started and we have a wonderful slate of guests to ensure that your children have not only a great basecamp for the summer, but that they explore the variety of experiences you’ve come to expect from a Summer program.

Stay tuned, we’re always on the lookout for pop-up activities and will be adding even more to our roster of guest instructors as we get closer to the start of Bay Farm Summer.

I was so nervous about sending my son away to a program for the first time. Bay Farm Summer was so welcoming and he ended up having an amazing time. I was so impressed when he was so excited to get in the car and get back to his friends at camp.

Toddler House Parent

I can't think of a single thing I would change. My kids loved every minute and we are so grateful!

Elementary Parent

My daughter absolutely enjoyed her time there.

Children's House Parent