At Bay Farm Summer, we try to ensure that we have everything your student needs to have an engaging day of camp. That being said, after a few years, we’ve discovered that the following items will give your children the best experience.


  • Hat, sweatshirt, and closed-toe shoes
  • Extra change of clothes in a labeled, gallon-sized, resealable plastic bag
  • Swimsuit and Beach Towel


  • Backpack labeled with full name
  • Water bottle

Bug/Spray & Sunscreen

  • Your child’s preferred sunscreen
  • Bug spray w/ tick protection


  • Healthy snack and a healthy lunch

NOTE: Please do not send your child to camp with a cell phone, tablet or other electronic device that may create unnecessary distractions for your children and other campers.

I was so nervous about sending my son away to a program for the first time. Bay Farm Summer was so welcoming and he ended up having an amazing time. I was so impressed when he was so excited to get in the car and get back to his friends at camp.

Toddler House Parent

I can't think of a single thing I would change. My kids loved every minute and we are so grateful!

Elementary Parent

My daughter absolutely enjoyed her time there.

Children's House Parent