One of the core principles of Bay Farm Summer is that we expect every child to be excited for the next day of camp. It’s something we discuss in our planning, during our trainings, and every single day of Bay Farm Summer. Aside from the priority of safety, we want each and every single child to be excited for their next day. But what’s the best way to ask your child about their time at Bay Farm Summer?

Children can have a difficult time answering the standard ‘What did you do today’ or What did you learn today’ type of questions. That can leave parents feeling like they don’t know what happens day-to-day.

That’s why this year we’re unveiling the Bay Farm Summer app. Available for free on both iPhone and Android (and also as a website), the Bay Farm Summer app provides a private, secure portal that gives you all of the information you need to know what’s happening at Bay Farm Summer.

Each day, we will post photos and news of the various activities throughout the day for each program level. Now, when your kids come home, you can ask specific questions that prompt them to share the joy they experienced at Bay Farm Summer.

I saw you built robots today; what was your favorite part?

Wow, I saw your group had a water slide! Were you scared? Was it exciting?

These topical, engaging questions are sure to elicit the reality of the experience at Bay Farm Summer more than the usual ‘What did you do today.’ That’s just one of the things that makes Bay Farm Summer unique.

I was so nervous about sending my son away to a program for the first time. Bay Farm Summer was so welcoming and he ended up having an amazing time. I was so impressed when he was so excited to get in the car and get back to his friends at camp.

Toddler House Parent

I can't think of a single thing I would change. My kids loved every minute and we are so grateful!

Elementary Parent

My daughter absolutely enjoyed her time there.

Children's House Parent